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Related post: Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 22:03:26 EDT From: Subject: Queer For Cowboys 8This is the 8th chapter in my ongoing story and all comments good or bad are welcome at Queer For Cowboys 8 Jake and I settled into a pretty regular routine of fucking every night and any other time he had the time. There were days when ranchi bbs pics he was busy well into the night and was really tired when he got home. He usually just held me bbs foum teen close on those nights but in the mornings when his energy was star bbs teen back he made sure I was well lubed on the inside. He usually left me in bed on those mornings as I tried to recover from the sex. On one of those teen bbs movies mornings he was busy at the blacksmith shop when I finally made it there to see if there was anything he needed me to do. I cleaned up around the shop some before he told me there wasn't anything left. He told me to just go out and check the bunkhouse and make sure it was xxx bbs cp tgp clean and I could spend the rest of the day adult pic post bbs doing whatever I wanted. I didn't have much to do to the bunks and was finished pictures pedophile boys bbs in there top best kid bbs in about twenty minutes. As I headed out I noticed the dusty old cowboy riding his horse up rompl lola bbs the corral next to the blacksmith shop. I had nothing planned bbs virgins young so decided to just go see what he was wanting. Jake was turning the man's horse loose in the corral when I got there and the cowboy was placing his saddle on the junior bbs models fence. The man's clothes were almost gray from all the dust that was on them. He took his hat off and slapped his pants a couple times as big dust clouds flew from him. He grinned at me and I almost melted when I saw his face. His hair was sprinkled with gray and he had a large bushy mustache that seemed to stand out bbs biz porn several inches from his face. There were some age wrinkles around his eyes and his face was well tanned. When he smiled if made his face look rounded and had that soft loving grandfather look too him. As he slapped the dust off of his chest and arms I could see how solidly built he was. He had to be a kids bbs sex lot older than Jake but didn't really move around like he was that old. He looked at Jake and asked if there was a good place to take a bath and rest a bit before going to the pedo pics kds bbs saloon bbs teen fun for a few drinks and some fun. He said he was planning on staying at least tonight and let his horse rest. Jake told the guy that we had a bunkhouse and we rented beds out and if he wanted a bath virgin ilegal bbs that I could heat up some water for him. The man thought for a second and said it sounded good to him and took his bedroll from his saddle and told me to show him the way. On the way to the bunkhouse he asked me a bunch of questions about the town and myself. I asked him what he was doing there and he said he had been riding on a cattle drive and was now on his way back east for a visit. He kept slapping at his clothes and it didn't look like he was making much headway on the dust. We got to the bunkhouse and he looked around before saying he would just take off his shirt and pants so he didn't carry all the dust inside. I went in ahead of him and grabbed the big wooden half-barrel we used for a tub and placed it in front of the fireplace. I headed out for some water and passed him as he was still pounding the dust from his clothes. amatuer adult bbs He was standing there in his long underwear and I asked him how long it had been since they had been washed. He giggled and said he couldn't remember. russian boys young bbs I told him I could boil his clothes for him if he wanted them washed. He said that would be list illegal bbs fine bbs sun models as he unrolled his sleeping blanket and blue bbs guide took out another shirt and pants. It took me about four young sex teens bbs trips to the well but finally got the tub about half full and had a large kettle over the fire. I put teen movies bbs most of bbs galleries passwords the water in the tub for the cowboy and the rest I poured over naked celebrity bbs his clothes that were alexx guestbook bbs in another bucket. I added some lye soap and lathered them up before letting them sit. He started ls model girl bbs testing the water to see if it was too hot or cold and looked around kindermodel bbs and asked if I was going to stay in the room. I told him I was waiting on his underwear to put in the bucket voodoo bbs with the other clothes. 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I quickly filled teenzbbs the bucket with his clothes and got back into nude bbs girl pics the bunkhouse, hoping to get a better look at this older cowboy. I was determined to get closer to him so I sat the bucket down next to the tub and started scrubbing the non nude bbs posts soap into the material. He had taken a cloth and had lathered himself up pretty good, but his lower legs were hanging bd sisters pics bbs out the end of the tub. thumbnail bbs porn I asked him if he wanted me to wash his legs for him since I usually did it for Jake. He was about to tell me no when I grabbed his free porno bbs leg and started rubbing it with a bar of soap. He gave in and I lathered his leg up and was working my way up toward his knee. Once that leg was well scrubbed I switched to the other leg. I was sure I heard a little moan as I started in on that leg. I was really beginning to get excited when I noticed all the thick gray fur on his young models top bbs chest and how bbs automotive wbsite it was matted against his hard looking muscles. I guess he had bbs terra es teen begun to get a bit horny as well as he asked if I wanted to join him in the tub. When I glanced down I thought for a second I saw his cock bob out of the water but wasn't sure. I quickly stripped and was trying to figure out where I was going to get. He had me straddle him and sit down on young chill bbs his lap, which put us face to face. My ass slid down his stomach and I was beginning to latin bbs cp wander if I would sweet bbs teen bump into his cock. He looked me in the face and asked if I usually took cp bbs lol a bath with any ole cowpoke that came bbs boys kids through. I grinned back and said no that I did bath a lot with Jake but not every cowboy. When youngest teens nude bbs I said that I felt his cock spring against my ass and he slipped it up past my own cock and balls. I wasn't sure how big it was but could tell it was very hard at the time. He grabbed the soap and started lathering bbs girls sex me up as he slowly moved me up and down against his cock. He reached down and found my hard little cock and said it looked like I was enjoying my bath. After sliding his hand back and forth over my cock he vombat darkbbs slipped it down and 12 bbs model ls cupped my balls. He did that a few times before he reached even further beneath my balls and I fozya bbs sven felt his finger pressing against my russian pics bbs asshole. I spread my legs further, which young girl bbs sex was only an inch or two because of the sides of the small tub. He grinned at me just before wrapping his arms around me and pulling me against his lips. 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He pulled his mouth off of me as he started pushing and pulling his finger in and out of my ass. He looked right in my face and asked if blog adult tgp bbs I liked his finger in my ass. I only sunn bbs nodded as I started to buck naturist pic bbs a little as he finger fucked me. He grinned and kissed my smooth chest as he slipped a second finger inside me. I spread my legs a little more to accommodate them. I reached down and started jerking on my cock but he quickly told me to stop that he didn't want me to get out of the mood too quick. He pulled my face down to his and slowly removed his fingers as he stood up and pulled me bbs lola pics up with him. He took me over to the bunk and gently laid me down. He told me not to move and to keep my hands away from my cock. He took the small table by the fireplace that the men erotic teen art bbs used for card games and moved it over close to the bunk. After removing one of the thin mattresses from one of the beds and placing it on top of the table, he turned to me. He reached for his bedroll and took out a little bag and dumped its contents on the bunk. He had a little container of liquid and told me it was gun oil but had a lot more uses. He picked me up and kissed me again as I schoolgirl galleries bbs wrapped my legs as child model list bbs far around his stomach as they would reach. He moved over and placed me on bbs fozya sisters my back as he told me to hold my legs up in the air for him. He gently spread some of the oil around my asshole and then slipped a finger inside. He made the bbs pics teen remark that he thought I would be able to take his cock now. I had not really gotten a good look at his cock so I raised my head up just in time to get a good look. It was pretty long but what scared me was the thickness as he slowly rubbed some of the oil over it. It was definitely thicker than any cock I had seen or been around and looked so menacing all shiny and hard. He must have fotos bbs asian noticed the concern on my face as he told xxx bbs me that he was not going to hurt me. He said if it was too much he would stop. He leaned over and kissed me as his hand moved sexy model bbs down to my cock and balls before going smugglers bbs down to my asshole. He kept his mouth pressed against mine as he slowly pushed a couple fingers inside me. It was feeling bbs free young models real good and I free pussy pics bbs wanted to grab my cock and give myself the relief I was wanting, but he had told me not to play with myself. He moved up closer to me and started rubbing that thick cock head against my ass while he fucked me with his fingers. I felt the third finger go in little girls nude bbs and tensed up but he started rubbing cp bbs nymph my belly and telling me to relax. My asshole seemed to open even more as he continued to stretch me now with three fingers. He moved around some more and pulled his fingers out slowly as he pushed his cock against me. He rubbed my stomach as he talked to me and increased free bbs nudists the force of his cock against my asshole. All at once the head of his cock popped inside me and I jumped but he told me to be still. He rubbed my tightened legs and slowly worked them until I had them bent at the knees and they were on either little lola sex bbs side of his hips. He was moving is cock ever so slightly that I could hardly feel the movement. He leaned over and kissed me again and bbs sister nude when I responded by kissing back he thrust his hips forward and more of his cock entered me. I grabbed his neck and held on as the pain rushed through my body. He started placing little kisses all bbs young sex over my face as he worked his cock back and forth but only a very little bit. 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All I remember is moaning out loud as my little cock started pulsing and everything seemed to just go black. The wave of pleasure and relief from my cock and ass had never been that strong and the Cowboy grunted when my asshole clamped down on his cock. He waited a little until he was able to continue fucking. I had time for a few deep lesbian movie bbs breaths before I felt another orgasm building up inside me. He must have felt the change in me as he started pumping faster and faster. He now had started to moan and grunt as he bbs child top was nearing his own orgasm. I noticed his entire body bbs go to had become very ridged as he slammed his cock deep inside me and grunted. He did this about 7 times before his body relaxed and I felt his cock getting soft. He leaned over and kissed me while his cock seemed to just roll out of my ass along with a lot of hot cum. He kissed me and ls mag bbs link said it looked like both of us needed another bath now. elwebbs bbs models He picked me up and carried me guestbook bbs nude to the tub where he sat down and put me on top of him. We just lay there for a few minutes and were startled when Jake entered the room. I could feel the Cowboy's body tense up, but relaxed when Jake said it looked I had made a new friend.
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